Poulomi's expertise in construction is well established. Our extensive experience in delivery of successful projects makes us the first choice of discerning builders to meet their demands. All our customers are assured of our personal attention to detail. Each project we design is value engineered to ensure customers not only benefit from our creative and engineering skills but also from our penchant for attention to the smallest details.


For the discerning few who demand the best in life, Poulomi crafts masterpieces of exclusivity and design that satisfy the aesthetic sense as well as the lifestyle needs. Everything about our ventures is absolutely top of the line. Our rich, varied experience in the design and delivery of successful projects, places us in a pre-eminent position to understand and tailor the offering to the demands of customers. Poulomi is totally committed to creating the finest living spaces, which while being a source of pride to the inhabitants, at the same time, raise the bar when it comes to luxury living.


Poulomi is quickly making it presence felt in the construction of commercial and business complexes which are not only aesthetically pleasing but also serve to provide a competitive advantage. Poulomi is unique in the industry as we employ both creative and technical engineering teams. This allows us to take a project from concept to completion ensuring perfect synergy between various teams such projects demand. Poulomi is committed to providing the perfect addresses for businesses with its state-of-the-art structures that are as delightful to the eye as they are comfortable to work in.


Poulomi is wholeheartedly committed to making a difference to cityscapes by constructing structures that makes shopping a pleasurable and memorable experience. We ensure our ventures have tremendous aesthetic appeal to attract footfalls and business.


Poulomi is reputed for delivering turnkey projects. We bring unmatched expertise and experience in civil, structural, piping, fabrication, equipment setting, and instrumentation and electrical services, to offer wide-ranging solutions to all of our clients' industrial construction needs.

We blend cutting edge technology with our proven systems for planning, executing and tracking all phases of a project, ensuring comprehensive control over every aspect of the operation. An impeccable safety record is further evidence of Poulomi's exemplary credentials. Regardless of the project size, we are committed to extend our assurance of quality, performance and complete customer satisfaction to every project.


Poulomi has proven itself at the forefront in the Eco Park sector.